Life on Earth is in Pain

“It is the very error of the moon
She comes more near the earth
than she was wont. And makes
men mad.”
—William Shakespeare, Othello

The first Lunar Eclipse of 2018 occurs on January 31st. This eclipse will feed and nourish our soul. The ghosts of the past will be run out of town to acquire the best and the most of these potentials. Dissolve old wounds and be gone with the irreconcilable. Some things can be put down to the lack in human nature or integrity. People are all they are ever going to be sometimes. As evolutionary aspirants we know our karma is our future and the past is a ball and chain to that future. We are charged with the responsibility of putting ourselves first and foremost when it comes to eliminating karma, finding grace or creating future consequences. It is not only time to think outside the box but time to throw the box away. The fabric of our being will be stretched into even greater capacity as we move toward our future. Supreme higher minded evolution is at hand. We do not need to sign up for the metamorphic push but if we do we need to be prepared to refine and redefine values and that which represents highest esteem. Our goals, aspirations, wishes, hopes, dreams and the greater good are given the greatest opportunity to manifest when we are aligned with our karmic intentions and evolutionary prospects. Most importantly it is how we think as to what we create. Downward cast thoughts get buried in the mud whereas upward cast visions catch a ride on a rainbow. Personal responsibility is as ever the most important factor in assigning advantage and accomplishment. When we take responsibility for our thoughts, words and acts we are fast tracked on the upward spiral of self-development and self-realisation that leads to achievement. To solve problems correct the self. New stronger foundations are being built. We need to be careful to build our future in our own image on top of this new plateau. Tend to the inner light, let it glow. At this time we need to be in the light more than ever.