Samantha Kane-Kennedy Victoria AstrologerABOUT SAM

TELEPHONE, MAIL ORDER & EMAIL CONSULTATIONS WITH SAMANTHA: Samantha’s astrological services and professional consultations offer great insight and remarkable imagery. “Samantha covers the past, the present and the future and delves into the astrology using many historical references. I listen to the tapes she has made for me over and over again. Just recently I got married and consulted Samantha on the best choice of the day and time for the ceremony, using the overlay of my husband’s chart and mine. I highly recommend Samantha for any Astrological question.”

“If you have not been to an astrologer before, the Full 90 Minute Session is recommended. This covers past, present, future and other essential information. To arrange for a full session please provide your birth date, place of birth and time of birth. If your session is by telephone please provide your address of residence. Partial sessions are designed for updates and specific questions once a full understanding of your birth chart is known either by consulting another astrologer or your chart is on file with Samantha.

 Samantha lives, breathes, eats, sleeps and loves her work. This makes a session with her fun as well as informative. She focuses on health and spirituality in her work. Sam is also a practicing vegan with 24 years experience in dealing with alternative diet, healing and holistic practitioners….

How It Works

The birth time, birthplace and date are needed to calculate the positions of the planets and the structure of the horizon lines as it divides the 360 degree zodiac. A session with Samantha can be arranged by telephone, mail order, e-mail or personal appointment should you be passing by or living in her area.

If you are interested in a consultation please contact Samantha and she will be happy to advise you of her rates.