Samantha Kane-Kennedy


Astrology is a science that presents a whole-souled approach to living. The planets, asteroids, planetoids, anomalies of new planetary bodies and comets do their dance in the universal space of our solar system. As they commune and conflict, they send messages to the Earthly inhabitants.

The placement of these messengers is captured by your time of birth on your birth date and in the geographical location of your birth to reveal your life purpose on a soul and material level. The inhibitions and infirmities of past lives imprint themselves on our incarnating personality, creating duality that requires reconciling during this life experience.

Predisposition is imprinted in these celestial inter-relationships. Health and relationship signatures provide detailed alternatives so free choice can be made. Repetitive patterns of the walking wounded become understood so that a choice can be made to free the personality from its bindings. The dilemmas and anxieties of life are simplified with insightful information, turning the impossible to the possible. Accomplishing an inner centering or stillness aids not only the health, but promotes productive livelihood.

Astrology is an ever-expanding science. Astrologer and astronomer alike are standing by to assimilate the new tools and discoveries of science.

The compassionate astrologer and counselling psychologist do similar work, except a chart tells the astrologer what to say to the person in need, whereas the person has to tell the psychologist so they will know how to guide.