Forecast for The Month of Libra 2017





September 22nd to October21st







22ND Welcome Fall Equinox, the official beginning of Autumn where in many places nature culminates in great colourful splendour preparing for winter. The Sun has shifted into Libra where grand plans can be drawn for future projects. We are in the trough of change where there have been many changes of commitment. Much work is yet to be done. Libra is the sign of balance, not that Librans are born with it but when we are experiencing the influences of Libra we need to keep the idea of balance in mind. The equal hours of daylight and dark signals the Sun will be sinking below the equator. Making decisions is difficult as we swing from extreme to extreme with the art of being fair and the goal to make the right choice. Find the middle path; stop dithering and debating. Diplomacy and harmony will provide unity. The artistic side of Libra draws our thoughts to beauty, art, music, theatre, craftsmanship, antiques or nature. We gather seeds or plant bulbs for next spring. Nature and all life forms in northern climates go through their survival and thrival processes; collecting, harvesting and storing needed sustenance for winter.
23RD Released from old obligations we are receptive to new opportunity. The inner voice whispers the messages we need to hear. They will give us the direction that best serves our purpose. We must let go of everything we have been working on that does not deal with current issues. Let go, become still and meditate on where we are inspired to put energy into future prospects. Research and develop what is mulled over. Core planning, careful restraint and well placed timing will create fortunate outcomes. Curb exaggeration, exuberance, over optimism, arrogance and impulse and we will maintain proportion. Nothing needs to become larger than life. If overwhelmed, retreat, withdraw, sift and sort with calm deliberation.
We are aware from a world-wide experience what is broken, corrupt or in peril. So much more insight into the human condition is available that our collective unconscious cannot remain the same. We are interacting with previously unknown levels of comprehension. Wholeness replaces tradition. The synchronicities will be will be deep and comprehensive. We need to think outside of the box, outside of convention, outside of structure and system. The paradox at hand must be faced with an affirmative attitude. Our prophetic sense will increase. We will attract what we need in healing and guidance. Old wounds need not fester. Unravel past life patterns; disentangle present life knots, release and flow towards wholeness. We are expanding beyond previously known boundaries. We are enriched with a multifaceted and multidimensional view of reality.
The Crescent Moon beams its promising rays from the depths of Scorpio. We need to contain our enthusiasm to attend to what needs to be accomplished. When we feel like we are treading down an old path we need to turn one hundred and eighty degrees to our six o’clock and start walking without looking back. New relationships are formed with old ideas, initiatives and inspirations. Plan what is done with financial concerns rather than be spontaneous or fickle. Enjoy whatever journey is presented. Follow a dream, fix what is broken or simply start fresh.
Ceres enters Leo where our nurturing instincts will do something to make others the centre of attention and admiration to feed their self-esteem and self-expression. Infect others with self-confidence, and feed them with attention, respect and admiration. With this energy we keep dedication and intensity alive, we better appreciate our personal talents, creativity and independence. We want nothing but the best. It makes us feel good. At this time we can make a unique impression on others too; when sharing include others as an active participant. If we can take pride in ourselves and if we feel appreciated we feel good about ourselves and that makes us glow.
24TH Very strong sensitivity increases intuition and psychic abilities. The untrained mind can get lost in the confusion and misunderstanding of an overload of signal transmissions. Negative suggestibility boomerangs our best intentions in the opposite direction. Suspicion, assumption, blame, guilt, judgment or self-righteousness comes before true understanding. Jammed with signals and low in energy we are vulnerable to stressors. The immune function is fragile. Some can be easily discouraged. Others suffer from the consequences of past actions. Poor communication does not help.
Do not fall down a rabbit hole. Scurrying around and exclaiming many distresses we put ourselves into a state. Perpetual shadow stuff like repressed weaknesses, shortcomings and deficiencies of the inferior self keep us chasing our tail. Rash and impulsive we will not see ourselves unless we catch our tail. Haste makes waste, waste makes want and want makes strife. The hurrier we go the behinder we get. But we put more pressure on ourselves and create three times the tension if we resist what we must do. Pause, get focused and then put one foot in from of the other in a calm, cool and deliberate way brushing away the shadows like the cobwebs of fall.
26TH We take it upon ourselves to do what we have in our mind to do even though reassessment would assure better integrated action. Headstrong, wilful, compulsive, defensive, aggressive and argumentative inclinations stress us out. It is extreme self-will that appears anti-social and cavalier. Those who are already this way will stand out in a crowd. What a show! Criticism is sharp and pointed. We barely tolerate the demands of others. Testosterone and adrenaline are high. Disapproval sets off our defences. The grudge or chip on the shoulder is obvious. Do not waste self-esteem trying to make non-existing things happen. Group agreement allows progress to excel – for example sports. Highly skilled strategies harness teamwork and enhanced perception encourages better team spirit.
27TH We are ultrasensitive when we have to come to realise our delusions and foolish or idealistic beliefs. Imagination and fantasy, wild and impossible situations or unrealistic expectations are gambles that cannot be trusted. Greater imagination, faith, inspiration, psychic comprehension and intuition without that can be very useful. We pick up things from our environment but are hotwired into our inner self the two impulses can be confusing. We cannot indulge escape, illusion, denial, fear or hang-up. Our thyroid is vulnerable and sensitive. We are susceptible to food allergy, depression, low body temperature or problems with past injuries to the spine.
The First Quarter Moon compounds this state of sensitivity with tension and stress because of the need for compliance. We must ask ourselves comply to what and why. Freedom from commitments that are not in league with us may be more important. We need to let go of that which confines us or holds us back. This is a good influence for analysing, reviewing, researching, redefining and connecting the dots between things. We cannot rely on others for their opinion. This is something we must do ourselves. Pressure is mounting from the inside and outside. This calls for greater creativity and innovation.
Sudden and dramatic change will breakdown routine and create an urge for change. Events are spawned to release tension and liberate us from restriction. We can feel a little rattled. Obstacles and responsibilities to others hold us back and we need to free ourselves of restrictions. Irritation performs a valuable function if we are flexible. Shocking occurrences, reform and improvement will answer a need. This is a powerful force that will bring breakthrough. We can get unbridled from that which restricts. The need for something different is powerful. The thought of breaking new territory is not as confident. Be grateful for new found freedoms.
28TH Pluto is coming to its station. Retrograde for a prolonged period of time it would be natural what we would feel the energy shift to direct. When it stations a porthole is created. Filled with infinite possibility it is an alchemical transformer and a pivotal point for karmic empowerment. We will begin to feel the pressure of getting back to things when Pluto shifts to direct. Intense energies are generated. What happens depends on how they are handled. Scandals can begin to rumble. With Juno in close proximity this year slander and power struggles could be lurking in the shadows. We need to live clean, think clean and let that which gets flushed out go down the drain. Be healthier, realistic and flourish.
“The karmic implications are paramount, if the world crisis and issues of our changing times are not given continued credence we could face further revelations about things that have a powerful influence over the masses. The old system must die for a new healthier system to take its place and letting go of the old is not easy when there is so much fear. There has been so much money invested in the current system.” {Quote from 2015}
29TH As usual Mercury will make its way into Libra around the same time as the Sun. Venus is quite a bit behind not even midway through Virgo. With four planets in Libra there is enough of a contingent to emphasize all things Libran. If we are given to debate, which can happen in this sign, some will dither over the details while others point to the big picture; the two extremes. It is less easy to keep an even keel and a balanced way of thinking. We can however improve negotiation, communication and speaking skills by being nice, fair, just and equitable. Creative pursuits are favoured. Things like reading, writing, studying, puzzling, creating and intuiting resonate with these influences. Diplomacy and friendliness will create more egalitarian relationships.
30TH Equity, equality and score-keeping issues will push, pull, expand and contract under these difficult vibrations. Turbulent and tempestuous atmospheric pressures disturb the airwaves. Intense contradictions in terms, unidentifiable facts, unreliable and erratic behaviour stirs things up. We must focus on the maintenance of a sound body, mind and soul to infuse and instil elements of compassion that are very much needed at this time. The trend is to individualise and experiment.
1st We have the opportunity to understand what motivates action in ourselves and in the world at large. It is possible to harmoniously understand a better way. Surrender to the greater existence beyond personal control. Let the structure of the past melt into the alchemical pot of reform. An influx of sustaining energy and personal power needs to be used in the truest sense. It is futile to use it only for personal gain. Combine desire and ambition with reform to be successful. Long range objectives need to be wrapped around social good. New understandings lay the groundwork. There will be opportunities for gain and success and resultant personal credit.
The Gibbous Moon brings memories that come as reminders about what we decided to change. These are old habits or a lifestyle, a home or diet and perhaps a new occupation to consider. The subconscious is exciting the conscious mind to get on with it. We have the enthusiasm to take up many tasks in a detailed way. Everyone is keeping an eye on their finances and their debt ratio; better investments or rearrangement of financial commitments. It is a sign of the times. There is a strong governor on going overboard. We are inspired to fix what is broken and imagine better ways of dealing with regular actions. Strong creative energies want to pick up the tools of their trade and make beautiful projects.
4TH Being true to our core essence in all we do makes us more careful and nurturing with ourselves. When choices overwhelm us we can easily give way to feeling inadequate, incompetent and that can makes us feel powerless. We must remain centred on self-needs to cultivate confidence, courage and self-reliance. Cultivating a healthy self-will means repurposing fearful thoughts, defusing repressed anger and dissolving childhood issues with greater comprehension. It is easy to overdo the caretaking of others in an over-reaction to need. Everyone needs to cultivate independence and autonomy too. Shadows exist if anger is not addressed.
5TH Enhanced artistic imagination and powers of visualisation make this a good time for creativity. A class in the arts, film or photography and working with other talents will develop our perceptions. Spiritual healing using colour, art or music will be very therapeutic. Wisdom, sensitivity, strategy, inspiration, faith, fantasy and psychic comprehension weave magical visions and understandings. Strong telepathic wavelengths provide rich inner dialogue. Increased sensitivity and compassion will allow our perceptions to access the deeper more subtle realms and dimensions. We pick up from our environment and those separate from ourselves but we are wired into our inner self thereby hearing both sides simultaneously. The highly sensitive or creative person can experience hypersensitivity.
We cannot indulge the escapes we have used in the past; illusion, denial, fear or hang-up. We work out our transcendental issues, faith based conundrums and spiritual conflicts. It is wise to rethink our plans, initiatives and creative projects due to recent challenges. Questions about legal issues, contracts, negotiation and communications may reveal a hidden agenda where contamination exists. Our protection shield is centrally focused suggesting immune boosting is advisable. The thyroid is vulnerable and sensitive. Increase iodine intake through diet, perhaps using dulse, kelp or other seaweeds. Food allergies can arise; there is temptation toward depression, some may experience a low body temperature or and others may have problems with past injuries to the spine.
The Moon is Full casting its bright light into the dark of night. The extreme of “I” versus “We” either in the relative, spousal or social sense needs creative tweaking and refined restructuring that is flexible enough to withstand earthquake. Positive reinforcement is well received. It is important to be comfortable being alone, being on our own and standing as one. This sense of self is necessary before we can mix ourselves with another or others. Rethinking definitions and terms of connectivity in the broadest and most innovative sense allows the old and past to sink out of sight while the new journey is being refabricated. What matters most is what we value. Be true to that.
7TH Forerunners will be first on the scene to a revolutionised view of faith based and spiritual perception. It will be instilled in them to use this to create for social and maybe political reasons. A greater consciousness is infusing higher knowledge into our highly sensitised state. The velocity of chaotic frequency has created disorder. We are inspired to put ourselves back together again. We need social and political activism and the intellectual rationalist to embody the mystery and symbolism of the idealistic dreamer with honour and integrity. The idealists need to apply creativity and experimentation to perceive the insights that this holocaust is causing.
Breakthroughs occur with the shock and awe of sudden events. The polarised sides of the current populace are valid and necessary in their role of finding balance by paying attention to both the old and new dreams and all sides of the spectrum. We seek out method and media to pursue freedom and independence. We have lived a dream for many years but now there is another … dream. We are picking up tremendously from our environment and other people. It can be a flashpoint of confusion in which we must separate ourselves from these outside influences like walking through cobwebs. There are difficult decisions to make. These are the decisions our future will be guided by. Resolution will develop a very powerful gift of insight. 
8TH Pay attention to what is disbursed during the Disseminating Moon. People will be revealing more of themselves in the process of distributing their creative ideas. This will let us see beyond the barrier that most people put up in normal daily affairs. We get a glimpse of transparency but we can put these morsels to good use. Ability such as this will help if someone is trying to fraudulently gaslight us, fleece our finances or otherwise steal from us. Creativity is strong, promising and enthusiastic. We are grounded in reality which allows us to see those who deceive, misspeak or shield the truth. It is of no comfort to realise that a friend is not a friend. It is what it is.
9TH Happy Thanksgiving Canada Each part of ourselves needs to grow accordingly. If our intellectual, cultural, spiritual or family facets become lopsided our life will not flow harmoniously. It would be as if our wheels are out of alignment or are not balanced. Other people’s strategies do not consider our needs or goals. Hidden agendas will be revealed. We will rethink our strategies and plans, initiatives and legal involvements or back out of a losing proposition. There are no short cuts, leaps or bounds; many creative and enriching adjustments will be made one after the other. Tension and paradox upset our third eye. This is the centre of our sixth sense of perception. We need to reacquire it to proceed. Work can become larger than life as a way to distract ourselves or keeps others away.
10TH Jupiter makes its way into the sign Scorpio. The breadth of this planet meets the depth of this sign. That should open up a few portholes of possibility. The urgency is to follow our heart’s desires. We will be thinking beyond the surface appearance of things. We can use the next year to get an understanding of what is really happening. We learn to cut out the extras and focus on what really matters. Our curiosity will grow into intrigue with solving the mysteries through which we develop a greater understanding of life. Questioning and searching is enhanced with persistence which draws on all available energy. Greater interest in human behaviour and psychological understanding could spark research in these subjects or into the supernatural, spiritual or mystical. A broader base of intuition provides greater insight. We will grow and expand on an emotional level. Intense passionate zeal and enthusiasm can be obsessive. The location of Jupiter’s transit through our chart reveals where we will find our joy.
11TH If we slow right down and pay attention then we will be able to break free from whatever ails us by making adjustments to our inner energies. Inner struggles can lead to accident or illness. That which comes between us and our objectives is a signal to pause, analyse and perhaps alter our course of action. Priorities make the most productive use of our time. Responsibilities are frustrating. There are so many difficulties, pressures and limitations. Review what has gone before. There we will find the root cause. The use of free will can come back on us; consequences may or may not be acknowledged. Blocks and issues with authority give way to indecision, imaginary fear, emotionalism, inner doubt and nervous inhibition.
We are cleaning out the psyche, sorting out our confusions and realising our disillusionment. In some instances where we believe others have deceived us we realise we have deceived ourselves. Guilt and shame can impede this process. These ideas can arise from things like traditional religious teachings, upbringing or social organisation. Putting things in the right order comes of these energies. Paradoxes need sorting out, some centre on sexuality. Our unity is disjointed causing some incompatibility with our own life. When the barriers can be dissolved the path leads to enlightenment. Being out of accord at this time is the state that leads to the path of growth and expansion.
12TH We are at an inner crossroad. No one else need be involved in this experience. Our spirit gently talks to us from within. We can be preoccupied with our inner dialogue. As we traverse the pathway between the past and the future we craft the way we can stand up for ourselves and our right to be unconventional. Old wounds and flashbacks can be worked out. We need to make our own decisions about acceptance or approval. Negotiate a transformational shift to release past life patterns and flow around present life tangles too. We can be frustrated with requirements; conditions or standards that are upheld for the sake of it and may outright and intentionally refuse to comply. If the situation is reversed and others seem to be outrageous in their refusal we must consider how circumstances are stifling their originality. What happens now is leading us to wholeness.
The Last Quarter Moon is another turn in the road that loosens the inappropriate and lets it fall away. As we think so we create. It is good to feel passionate but feeling angry will make us feel broken and uncertain. The other side of the street is sunny, positive, uplifting and opportunistic. Those suffering from depression will have a chronic experience. Find whatever way possible to uplift the spirit. Art therapy is excellent; music therapy too. Inspire the soul and inner self and that will make a change possible. We get too rooted in things and do not see the other possibilities. Do not be downcast. Look up to the skies.
14TH Venus makes its way into Libra joining the other planetary players who are already celebrating autumn. Perhaps the colours of the leaves will become richer and more vibrant. The beauty of nature can be dramatic and intoxicating. Artistic talent is discovered or we reconnect to the artist within. Theatre or drama tickles the senses. This sign is full of fun, it is very fickle and enjoys being flirtatious. The feminine is enlivened and creative energy flourishes. It guides us. Social opportunities involve art, music, dance, excellent cuisine and good relations. This is a good time to actively seek out friendships and get out and about. Team involvement will be encouraging.
Masculine energy meets with the autocratic feminine which draws indomitable attention to rightful strategy. The mind is empowered to work out those hard to deal with details. Pulling the pieces of our reality together takes a lot of energy and will power. We need to rearrange and improve our mental molecules. The next project waits until we do. Break through to the first step of a new reality and follow the flow to progress behind these initiating actions. There will be assertions and mental creations to come in a slow but sure and thorough way. Snags and tributaries may delay and frustration can occur because things are never fast enough. We resolve our conflicts and manage people to get to where we want to go. Take an immune booster as immunity dips catching some with a fall cold due to the change of season.
15TH Revisited by our woundedness, past life patterns, habitual repetitiveness and competitive instincts we have the opportunity to transform blocked energy into a useable form through objectivity. Realise the source of woundedness, liberate through self-regulation and self-expectancy. Injustice and oppression must not prevail, we seek healing and guidance. Non-confirming energy co-creates the situation wherever challenge exists. Passive behaviour would signal repressed inner rage and hostility. Assertiveness and aggression are a cover for inadequacy. There will be a clash of ideals and values. What if everyone is right? We are meant to expand our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual horizons. Surgical procedure may come after a lengthy wait. Our interest is drawn toward education, information collection and dissemination, ideals, ethics, truth, meaning and travel.
The Balsamic Moon has transformative power that is liberating, co-creative and remedial. We appear as a changed person who attests to our personal development and inner work. Some people we have known for a long time may not recognise us at first. It is this experience that reveals our growth and progress. This gives us the conviction and fortitude we need to continue. All the details we need to know will become available. With this abundance of inner knowing we can plan our course more assuredly. Stay focused on the task at hand. Other people may want to affect our course and try to influence us for their own reasons. Well made plans have momentum and thrust. We create, see the future and are able to magnetically attract what we need.
Gender balance will be what it is with no interference. We can register our yin and yang balance and the state of our androgyny. Negative expectations create compromising situations and conflict. If we disapprove or suspect a hidden agenda there can be massive discord. Enhance greater inner harmony. Let go of fear and thoughts of abandonment. It gives others an upper hand. Weed the relationship patch so that all that remains is mutual encouragement and support. Once sorted relationship will work to encourage beneficial joint plans, marriage with equality and communal respect with reciprocity.
17TH Mercury moves farther into the vortex of seasonal change, the death and rebirth cycles that penetrate deeper layers of the psyche. Scorpio can be choppy territory because psychological perspectives converge. Rejection, feeling rejected, being rejected and any form of experience with dismissal attitudes, denial, denunciation, refusal or elimination will be more intensely felt. We need to call upon our intellectual toughness and psychological wisdom to keep empowered and strong. Alchemical mental exercises pull insights together. We penetrate even deeper layers of the psyche. Insight into human nature gives us more objectivity, distance, perspective and navigational control. There are people who would take manipulative advantage of these energies and use psychological brain influencing to power trip with control.
Anticipation is building we are overwhelmed by chaotic impulse that leads to rash action or sudden unexpected occurrence. We are distracted by concentrating on our own disorder which makes us prone to accident with those making sudden moves. We are trying to bring everything into line and are in a hurry for culmination. With the freedom to prove something we can be independent and strong. If we exhaust ourselves with impossible demands, physical punishment, responsibility for others and unnecessary hassles and chase change for the sake of change, with an inability to accept criticism and fighting to rush ahead full speed; downfall is possible.
19TH The New Moon needs some restraint as it can be over enthusiastic, eager and impulsive. We need to control ourselves so we do not sabotage our own purpose. It is easy to misunderstand or miscomprehend the facts as the big picture is more impressive. A broader scope is preferred. It will change some foundational conditions and make the situation more fluid. There is every reason to trust that our best interests will be upheld. We create our reality wisely taking personal responsibility for all we think, say and do.
Things that have a strong overlay need to be reordered; paternal problems, issues with authority, legal concerns, contract negotiation and other crucial communications that tend to rule and regulate us. We need to understand how we fit into the larger structure and how that fits into the whole. Individualism need not be denied by pressure, expectation or lack of confidence. Rules and regulations have their place. Be alert for private agendas. It might be time to back out of certain propositions. Reaching out to what has newly begun or is beginning is satisfying to the self-esteem. Premeditated career plans work out well. Egalitarian conditions are promoted.
We are required to work out our issues moving forward. There is no black and white, either/or and other absolute. There are many shades to straddle. Laws, contracts, negotiations and other communicates are creatively integrating new strategies that eclipse past precedents. Intellectual independence translates into multi-faceted awareness. Parental tutelage and other rigidly ruled bonds in life are at odds with our essential essence. Freedom of thought and independent decision are most important. Parental or other input can complicate, make difficult and prevent chosen pursuits. We need to rethink and break away. There is no having things the way they have always been, it is the way it is. Be wary of those who brew a sour agenda. Conflict between the influence of family and our personal needs can present a challenging character revealing problem. Balance the needs of the self with the obligations and responsibilities with others.
20TH When we are planting seed ideas, we want to be sure where we cast them is fertile. Variety is helpful in obtaining our needs. We look for solid realistic assistance. Self-validation needs no one’s approval it is hardest on itself. What we have been trying to build is now blocked by what must take place first. It is not possible to proceed without covering these steps. Resistance may be setting our limits letting us know we must change direction and modify our plans. Disciplining ourselves to let go helps us to realise something about our pattern so we are able to modify it. Do not waste time and energy going after the unattainable and unavailable.
21ST We have been aware of the transformation of society since 2010. The old structure continues to break down however the stress, conflict and issues like abuse of power and natural disasters have increased. We cannot build on new ground until what must be removed is levelled. Each individual searches out deeper truths that will open doors. Traditions fail so we seek deep mystical experience and regeneration. Layers of metamorphosis are groomed and seated. Our paradigms shift continuously. We are drawn to empowering and transforming experiences. Many strengthen and deepen their devotion and spiritual power. Problems with obsession or addiction can become more acute. We need to give them increased attention.
22ND Mars makes its way into the Autumnal Libra. Competitive sports will get a boost from these high spirited energies. Attitudes can be fair and just as there is an increased awareness of injustice. Corrective measures can be achieved. The collective energy can become more competitive. We need to consciously modify its influence by our sense of cooperation. A greater degree of wavering, indecision, consideration of all sides and procrastination affects us. Too much time is spent trying to decide. We modify ourselves in consideration of others. Team work can accomplish more than singular effort. If we are more compromising we will discover a greater scope in just about anything including our work.
The Sun enters Scorpio.