Samantha Kane-Kennedy Astrology



 With literally thousands of astrological readings over an expanse of 36 years and from all parts of the world, she is considered by many ‘the astrologer’s astrologer’. Her very caring and personalized in depth consultations while utilizing the most comprehensive techniques and methods will provide you with a deep sense of peace as she explains that unique mystrey…….the tapestry of your soul!

Samantha offers you help in the following areas:

  • Identify Personality Obstacles – how you cause what affects you, why you decided to be this way, explains odd behaviour
  • Timeline for major life thresholds–life planning – the best time to act
  • Financial Investment – Business expansion – Real Estate Purchase – be in tune with your natural profit rhythm
  • Self-Worth – Self-Love –how this affects all of your life
  • Family Dynamics – understand hereditary & genetic links – assimilate parental or sibling behaviour, co-create good family interaction, creatively understand your offspring
  • Creativity & Children – explore your inherent predisposition or manifestation
  • Health – understand physical weaknesses; diagnose, plot recovery, prevent future illness
  • Relationship – understand your predisposed attitudes toward relating then explore this in your mate – and compatibility, how you and your mate co-relate as well as your future potentials – Business or groups of people also form an entity in their partnership and the nature of these relationships can also be explored
  • Investigate Past Lives, Karma, the Soul’s Purpose – regression, karma spirituality and purpose as is most relevant to this life
  • Travel & Higher Education – which one is for you, or both, and when, capacity, potential and probability
  • Career – what are you suited for, when will you succeed, develop strategies, coaching – When will you find what you need? Will you get that promotion, partnership, or major contract?, When should you promote your business? How to deal with difficulties
  • Spirituality, Psychic & Consciousness Development – expand explore the origins of psychological distress
  • Work with the Wheel of Life, liberate yourself from karma and agreements with others, awaken from your dream and break the cycle of earthbound reincarnation
  • Guidance in every area of life
  • Understand the past, be one with the present and create your future wisely
  • Gain Understanding – Clarity – Resolution – Peace of Mind