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Almost 10 years ago now I had my first chart reading done by Sam Kane-Kennedy. Although I had already met Sam and believed in the process, I was taken aback by the accuracy of her insight into my life, my relationships, my work. But it is only in hindsight now that I really see the precision of her words and message; I can now confirm that I have experienced exactly what Sam prepared me for – especially changes in my career which have brought me back to my life’s purpose.


After receiving a medical diagnosis of ovarian cancer last fall, I again contacted Sam for counselling and health information. The health chart time line reading has helped me to get back on track emotionally, spiritually and health wise. I have been able to reorganize my days to include new activities that keep me healthy, calm and strong. After the shock of cancer and chemotherapy my partner and I decided to approach Sam for couple’s counselling to help us with all the changes to our lives as a couple and as two individuals. Sam has worked with us both now using our charts to help us focus on our priorities: on our interactions with each other, on the many relationships in both our lives and on our physical and spiritual health.


Today, I am free of any cancer tumours and I feel calm and confident. The doctors call it remission.


Sam’s expertise and knowledge delivered most respectfully and kindly keeps me coming back to her whenever I have questions or take on new challenges that my mind or ego struggle with. I will never in the future be involved in the medical community without being in communication with Sam.


Sam knows exactly what suggestions and tools to refer for my spiritual and physical health goals. Her patience with all my questions and concerns about how to restructure my days and create relationships that are respectful and supportive in my new reality is never ending. She knows exactly when to provide guidance, suggestions or even tools to help myself. For instance, I received a set of Treasure Cards created by Sheila Michie of Lincoln, England – these cards are my daily touchstones to my soul. The cards are unique with their simple and highly effective links to my truth, often inspiring me to see things differently than I have considered before. Through Sam’s network I am connecting to positive and affirming people who are intelligent and supportive.


I have come to love my conversations with Sam. I feel empowered to be myself, respected for my uniqueness and understood in my inclinations. Sam’s understanding of the human condition and family functions and dysfunctions has helped me to become more understanding and less judgemental of myself and others. I continue in my life experience and look forward to working with Sam again. She brings me joy, peace and love. I am filled with gratitude for Sam.

Darlene Gray
Regina, SK, Canada
May 13, 2008


 I've worked with lots of astrologers in my life time, and Samantha is hands-down the best astrologer I have ever been to!  She is brilliant at connecting all the dots and explaining to you why you are the way you are, why you are experiencing what you are, and how to achieve your full potential.  I refer all my friends to her, and we all agree, Samantha is amazing!

Jane O'Keeffe, ewoman Victoria BC
CranioSacral Therapist – Somato Emotional Release – Family Constellations


We all have enjoyed reading our horoscopes in magazines, and it is light entertainment. Having my chart done by Sam is sooo personal. It is like she was looking at my life as a completed jigsaw puzzle. Sam was able to explain the reason I had to go through some of the rough spots in my life, she was able to tell me about my relationship with my Ken, what I need to do to help him, and even how well we connect. This is a very old and accurate science, but coupled with Sam's intuition, I make my life easier by following her guidance. This is all done in a relaxed easy storytelling way. I had my session taped and have listened to it again when I needed those ahha moments. I will always recommend Sam, especially if you are going through big changes and are unsure if you should go ahead or stay where you are.

Colleen Boak , ewoman Victoria , BC , Roy 's photography


Didn’t we have a great visit yesterday…….and it was so thorough in bringing me clarity!

Love Cheryl W., La Jolla, CA


Thank you for your reading, it covered everything. I wish other people were aware of just how helpful astrology is in understanding the dynamics of a family and how it helps people like me {Granny}. I am on the outside but also in a position to be useful in providing quietly some of the things needed, like attention. I think you are right too about Japan next year that was very useful. So thank you Sam you gave me a lot to think about and mull over, if only people realised how worthwhile it is to have access to help like yours. This is the first time since I had a regular astrologer in OZ {Australia} that I have felt like I had some “sensible” support. I trust you are well and busy.

Blessings & love,
Sheila M., Lincoln, England


You have given me a priceless, priceless gift! I will always feel close to you and grateful for the gift of my freedom. What a massive amount of work must have gone into the project! I am profoundly moved. Love, Katherine E. Prince Albert, SK


Thanks so much, for your continued support and your reading which was absolutely dead on accurate. For anyone who has never had an astrological reading or is skeptical you need to have Sam do your reading!

CCT, Victoria BC


'I first briefly met Samantha approximately 24 years ago, but did not have the opportunity to develop a relationship with her until 9 years ago. Since then, Sam has been a guide to me in life, through her teachings, counselling and spirit. On a search for astrologers who are of supreme quality, I was fortunate to have found this in Sam. A person of deep wisdom, she processes the ability to see and give light through one's own maze of situations and dynamics with gentleness, as well as the ability to reflect with clarity personal blind spots. She communicates with brilliance and compassionate understanding in confidential consultations. The insight given is phenomenal, the reward personally is great, which is why I ave kept coming to her, when the need has arose, over these past nine years. She is one of the greatest gifts life has brought to me.'



'In testimonial, I wo uld just like to say that your insight is crisp and you're mythologically and archetypically inspirational, you growth-master guru you!'

Roberta Daye


'I have enjoyed several sessions with Samantha, both in person and on the phone, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others seeking counsel. I find Samantha to be extremely insightful and inspirational (not to mention delightful) and am impressed with the level of care she puts into each of her readings. Samantha is clearly commited to helping individuals grow and I certainly value the role she has played in my own life.'

Kyla Stewart


'I have listened to all of the tapes. The knowledge you have given me is comforting. it has given me confidence about the concerns I had about our family. I was amazed at the depth of the information – the insight – the clarity. I was surprised and grateful for the volume of information you gave me. You are amazing with a wonderful gift that helps enormously as we try to find our way. We need to know what we are praying for, thank you for guiding me.'

Edith Gibbings, Swift Current, SK


I've known Samantha now for 12 years and not only has she been my astrologer, but the time together has developed into a friendship. I've referred her to friends and I call her a Spiritual Astrologer. She goes beyond the average astrologer and gives one an in depth reading from many different levels that let you look at your information from the wisdom of experience.

Samantha covers the past, the present and the future and delves into the astrology using many historical references. I listen to the tapes she has made for me over and over again. Just recently I got married and consulted Samantha on the best choice of the day and time for the ceremony, using the overlay of my husband's chart and mine. I highly recommend Samantha for any Astrological question.

Catherine Freeze, Arizona


Samantha has been both a teacher and an astrologer to me, as well as a friend. I was impressed the first time I met her, with her professionalism. She was dressed for business, she had an office outfitted with the tools of her profession, and she had equipment that worked! She had done her homework about me and I found her reading helpful and insightful. As a teacher, she was always prepared for the lesson and she was always willing to answer questions. She was very knowledgeable about the whole field of Astrology. I felt bereft when she moved away before I could complete my studies with her. I highly recommend her as an astrologer and a teacher to any who are seeking knowledge about themselves or about Astrology.

Michele Crover, Victoria BC


I have been calling on Samantha's expertise for the last 25 years and have found her readings and direction very helpful. So many predictions that seemed far from possible were true and helped me cope with whatever at the right time. She has also become a very good friend and confidant.

Mrs. C.A. McKenna, North Vancouver BC


My name is Teena George-Sylvester, I am Native Aboriginal from the Songhees First Nations in Victoria BC. I have known Samantha for many years, she has taught me astrology as well as counselled me. She has been there for me many times unconditionally, she has head my cries and shared my laughter. I love her kindred spirit; she has an undefined human understanding that very few have today. She is truly selfless, understanding and compassionately honest. She has taught me the many choices I have through astrology, and the paths I could take, I now understand that change is never a bad thing. Samantha has never told me what to do; she gave me options and let me decide for myself because that is what I needed, even though I didn't know at the time. Many doors were left open for me to see, and Samantha stood by with a compassionate heart and was never judgmental. She is a mother I wish I had and a friend I will be forever grateful to have.

Teena George-Sylvester {Now Telana Burrows}
Songhees First Nations, Victoria BC


I am thinking about how empowering your intuitive-voice is Sam – using the wisdom of master crafting – woven with intuitive insight you draw upon metaphors which open doors to personal empowerment…and when you are directive it is always in a way that elevates the spirit and the personal possibilities highlighting the gifts we were given to grow in this lifetime. Being in a session with Samantha Kane-Kennedy is an experience of having little truth lights go off through out my being until there is an accumulated light for the major aha's to be seen with clarity and compassion. Through out the session there is a non-judging sense of exploration and always JOY. Being with Samantha is a healing partnership of plumping up my joy and truth cells and blowing away any clouds of fear doubt, worry, anxiety. It is a window {through the compass of the stars and planets} into the delight of my own human condition – and the possibilities here for me now. Being with Sam is coming into a peaceful clearing after bushwhacking through a dense psychic forest – and meeting your self again for the first time. Being with Sam is being with a master craftsperson who is revelling in disciplined delight!!!

I love you, LaDonna, Kohalla, Hawaii


It is a pleasure to offer testimony to the work of Samantha Kane-Kennedy, professional astrologer. I met with Sam personally for 2 hours in November 2006. I was impressed with her attention to detail and her thoroughness. Sam pulled together disparate pieces of my past and future, about the people in my life, for whom she had also pre-printed natal charts as well as mine.

I had submitted questions and summarized some personal details by email beforehand which made our session very productive. We also discussed outlines of my future professional choices. I do not believe astrology negates free will, but I do believe it explains forces at play. I remember that forces greater than me control the orbits of the solar system and galaxies of infinite space in distant light years too mind boggling to contemplate.

I believe a person can better understand his/her options when a soul-seer of past, present and future brings insight to the conversation. I believe astrology is a more efficient tool than standard psychological sessions because much less needs to be explained to an astrologer.

Sam's ability to interpret cryptic symbols into pertinent nuanced word descriptions is, to me, a mysterious process of wisdom, experience and guidance operating on multiple levels. I trust the process especially when she referred, early on, to a positive spiritiual alliance with a deceased parent whom I had not mentioned in my background summary at all. The information during the session is presented in a straightforward and gentle manner. There is an opportunity to qualify/clarify her remarks.

On a technical level, I am pleased to say that the audio recording equipment works reliably, smoothly and unobtrusively.

I feel fortunate to have the resource of Sam's skills close to my town of residence although in the future I will be just as comfortable with a phone discussion as I was with a personal appointment. I left our session with seeds of thought for new clarity and vision as well as validation about the past. Thank you, Sam.

Joy Livingstone , Vancouver Island


I'm so glad I found you Samantha! You have helped in the past short while more than most counselors have for months at a time. Maybe I'm more open to seeing it clearly. These reports are truly an eye-opener for me, now I can move on with my life and stop wondering about getting love and why I am so hurt. I will definitely get back to you with more curious inquiries!

Denise L. Victoria BC